Clarens, 24/25/26 Sept 2020
Enter the 2 day Outride (its not a race)
Two days of amazing MTB riding
65 & 45 kms

Take on the iconic Eastern Highlands of the Freestate by MTB.

Based in the iconic village of Clarens, the routes take you on a postcard highlights tour of the region, amongst towering buttes and the Maluti's in the background.


The riding will be a mix of gravel road, farm tracks and some tar, but rocky terrain is to be expected!. Don't be fooled by the distance, this is not an easy day out for everyone. MTB and E-Bikes are both welcome. 

Being a long weekend, it's the perfect chance to combine riding and a family weekend away, savouring the sights, sounds and tastes Clarens is famous for.



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